Paviljoen 3

As Paviljoen 3 we strive to answer one of the big challenges of the Energy Transition: How do we optimize rooftop use in our cities?

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Many innovations focus on improving the sustainability of households. In the cities a lot of these are installed on the roof, such as Solar Panels, Solar Water Heaters, PVT collectors, heat pumps and green roofs. The Pavilion Roof reshapes the roof to a modular surface, on which these systems can be easily installed.

There is an enormous potential in the empty rooftops in our cities. Currently unused square meters are valuable and can play a crucial part in the energy transition. For instance, they can be used to generate green energy, harvest sustainable heat, serve as water storage, counteract an ‘Urban Heat Island Effect’ and contribute to the ecosystem of the city. In other words, all the installations required to unlock the potential of our roofs are already available on the market! The problems that occurs: there is no solution to easily combine these sustainable installations on the rooftops.

The Pavilion Roof transforms your roof surface into a modular green roof, to which sustainable products can be easily installed. The system can be adapted to the wishes of the user and the energy and heat requirements of the building. Also, the Pavilion Roof creates the possibility to add innovations in the future, making it upgrade-able. The concept of the Pavilion Roof was developed at the University of Technology in Delft and is currently being tested at The Green Village at the TU Delft. Here, the water storage and vegetation health is monitored in order to further improve the design.


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