Desah offers a compact modular decentralized wastewater treatment system. Separating concentrated waste water from less polluted water with vacuum toilets, enabling effective treatment and recovery of certain substances.

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Offering sustainable innovations within the water chain.

Desah offers a compact modular decentralized wastewater treatment system. In this system concentrated wastewater is collected by means of vacuum toilets (black water) and therefore separated from the other less polluted (grey) water. This system allows for effective treatment and recovery of:

  • Water
  • Nutrients
  • Energy
  • Micropollutants

Desah has several reference projects in the Netherlands, Sweden and Canada where this concept has been demonstrated for 30 – 1000 houses. Desah offers complete systems, but also individual treatment systems for:

  • Grey water
  • Black water
  • Wastewater

Sybrand Metz
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